Dumpster Rental Ravenna, Ohio

Dad’s Dumpsters has been the go-to source for affordable dumpster rentals in Ravenna, Ohio for over 3 years.  In fact, we’ve been servicing homes and businesses throughout the Northeast Ohio region, and our prices as well as our commitment to customers are unrivaled.

Whether you’re doing a house cleanup near downtown or renovation near West Branch State Park, we have the right size roll off dumpster for the job.  And we can have it delivered to you the very same day if need be.

If you need a 10, 15 or 20 yarder for your project, Dad’s Dumpsters has you covered.

What size dumpster can I rent in Ravenna?

10 yarder

Dad's Dumpsters LLC 10 yard, dumpster rental cleveland

15 yarder

Dad's Dumpsters LLC 15 yard, dumpster rental cleveland

20 yarder

Dad's Dumpsters LLC 20 yard, dumpster rental cleveland

Dumpsters for Household Trash and Construction Debris

  • These dumpsters are for all household trash and/or light construction debris. Couches, beds, tv stands, and pretty much all trash you would find inside your home, and wood, drywall, flooring, and the like. 
  • 10 yarder for $295 (1 ton weight limit)
  • 15 yarder for $345 (1.5 ton weight limit)
  • 20 yarder for $395 (2 ton weight limit)
  • 3 day rental period, extra days are $10 per day (depending on availability.) 

Dumpsters for Shingles

  • These dumpsters are shingles and wood only, no household trash at all!
  • 10 yarder for $325 (4 ton weight limit)
  • 3 day rental period, extra days are $10 per day. 
  • As of now, we can only offer 10 yarders for shingles. 

Owner Keith Duncan, Sr. answers your questions about dumpster rental in Ravenna, Ohio:

“I’m thinking of renting a dumpster for my home in Downtown Ravenna but I’m worried about it damaging my driveway. Should I be concerned?” – Justin C.

“Good question, Justin.  Although some rental companies will just drop the roll off dumpster right on your driveway, we put the rollers and front rails on wood, so the dumpster never actually touches your driveway.  This ensures that no damage is done.”

How Do I Dispose of Items That Are Not Allowed in the Roll Off Dumpster?

Household hazardous waste such as pesticides, vehicle fluids, paint thinner, cleaning products and lawn chemicals can be dropped off at the Portage County District Recycling Center, located at 3588 Mogadore Road in Kent.

They also have a yearly drop off for scrap metal, appliances and up to 6 tires per family.  You can check the website as well as the local newspaper for date and time.

How Do I Get A Dumpster Rental in Ravenna?

If you have a project coming up in Ravenna and you need a roll off dumpster for the job, just give us a call at 216-744-5018. 

The friendly staff at Dad’s Dumpsters will help you choose the right size dumpster and schedule your delivery at a time that’s convenient for you. 

We offer the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere, and we guarantee your satisfaction from start to finish. 

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