How Dad’s Dumpsters LLC started! (Part 4)

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Well, the truck was built, the first dumpster was built, time to build more, and we are! Our cousin Jackie and his wife Sherry, painted the truck, they did a wonderful job. We were ready for business. But, I haven’t covered how or why we went from Team Disposal to Dad’s Dumpsters.

Around late 2017 or early 2018, my Dad talked to me about changing the name to Dad’s Dumpsters, now this is a name that someone in the family came up with, but no one actually remembers who said it first. So it will remain a mystery. My Dad came up with the slogan, “No one takes care of you like Dad.” We all thought the name and slogan was catchy, so we went with it.

So as I write this on September 29th of 2018, we are building dumpsters and will continue building dumpsters forever, hopefully. Business is doing good, we are slowly getting our name out there, getting more and more calls each week. The next few years will be busy, but fun and exciting. I can’t wait.
I’m living my dream, and I couldn’t be happier. I hope my Dad and Jake feel the same. There is no better feeling than living your dream, especially when you’re doing it with the people you love. I implore all of you reading this, do whatever it takes to live your dream, you won’t regret it.

Dad, I consider you my best friend, I want to thank you for being by my side this entire time, I wouldn’t do it with anyone else. Jake, thank you for all your help, for being there whenever we ask you, for understanding why you can’t get paid. Thank you for making the investment with your time. The women of the family, I thank you guys for being there for us, supporting us, for understanding the effort that doing something like this takes. Finally, I want to thank our customers, past and future, without you, there would be no Dad’s Dumpsters.

I’m off to build a dumpster!!!

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