How Dad’s Dumpsters LLC started! (Part 3)

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After we got the truck home, fixed the rusted out oil pan, it was time to get to work planning and building the roll-off. We ordered the scissor lift, rollers, fenders, and the winch. We bought the steel for the rails of the carriage (what the dumpster basically rides on,) and we got to building. Honestly, building the truck was the easy part, my dad will tell you the same thing.

After a couple months of figuring things out, we had a working mini roll-off truck. Then came what we would later find out as the hard part, building the first dumpster.

We kinda bullshitted our way to a rough outline of what we wanted the dumpster to be. We bought the steel, and got to work measuring and cutting. I’ll say this now, my youngest brother Jake was a giant help building the truck and is a valuable third member of our team, we couldn’t do it without him. Building the first dumpster was a slow process, mainly working on the weekends because we had other jobs. After a few months, the dumpster was ready to be picked up on the truck. A very happy and proud moment was about to occur, we picked up our dumpster with our truck, all of it hand built.

Come to find out, we had some serious, serious design flaws. Our door hinges wouldn’t let the door open all the way. The way the cable of the winch hooked up to the dumpster was dangerous, and at one point the dumpster actually became unhooked, slid off the truck and into my parents house, luckily no damage occurred. We had a good laugh, and got back to work redesigning the problem areas.

We ordered hinges from a roll-off parts website, when they arrived, they were way to big and overkill for our dumpster. So we fabricated our own, they worked flawlessly. We came up with new hookup system and it too, worked great. We designed a front roller system for the dumpster, and the dumpster was finally done, it only took about 5 months longer than we thought it would. But, it was done, and it was ours!!
The fourth and final chapter will come in the next couple days.

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